Pakistan is the third largest country among rice exporting countries. SBS Group Importing & exporting premium quality rice since 1986 from Pakistan, India & Bangkok.

Different Types of Rice in Pakistan we are exporting.

    • Super Kernal Basmati Rice
    • Super Basmati Rice
    • Super Basmati Shaheen Rice
    • Parboiled Rice, Super Basmati,
    • Super Fine Rice
    • Pk-385 Basmati Rice
    • PK-198 Basmati Rice
    • D-98 Basmati Rice
    • PK-386 Long Grain Rice
    • Supri Rice
    • KS-282 Long Grain Rice
    • Irri-9 Long Grain Rice
    • P.G Long Grain Rice
    • Irri-6 Long Grain Rice
    • D.R Long Grain Rice

Rice Field


Rice Dishes


Fair Trade: Purple Rice from Laos by tvnportal

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