Founder of Shoukat Bashir & Sons Group (SBS Group)

shoukatI pray from “Allah Almighty” Always, save my family and business. May God Keep increasing in subsistence and wealth to my family and to all those who are doing business with my family. May God, give progress in my business, day and night, to which you have promised.


Muhammad Tauseef S/o Shoukat Ali

Cell No: (+92) 306 7010100, (+92) 300 4449522




Tayyaba Yasmeen


J. M. Yousaf khan


J. Yousaf Ahmad Muhammad


Admiral Pakistan (R) Saeed Ahmed Sargana
Formar Deputy Chief of Naval Staff and Deputy Chairman NAB Member Advisory Board


Brg. (R) Tahir Hussain Malik


Muhammad Adeel


Muhammad Naveed


Board of Director

Mian Asif Saigol


Brg (R) Jamshaid Ali Chohan


Col (R) Iftikhar Ahmed Kayani


Muhammad Ahmed Jamal


Maj (R) Muhamamd Javed Iqbal Niazi


Brg (R) Aamir Mukhtar Khan


Col (R) Abid Rajpoot


Director Import & Export (Inetenational)

Brg (R) Jamshaid Ali Chohan


Haji M Kashif Ansari


Director Admin Officer

Col (R) Abid Sarfraz


Director Finance

Mrs. Sehar Bibi


Director Marketing

Muhammad Saleem Shehzad


Director Fashion Designers

Miss Misbah Khalid


Miss Muqadas Saleem


General Manager

Haji Kashif Farooq Memon


Sales Manager

Syes Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari


Haji M Faqeer Hussain


Muhammad Saleem Theem Jutt


Muhammad Ayaz Toori


Syed Shahid Hussain Bokhari