About Us

SBS Group have three companies in Pakistan. Now the owner of these companies is Mr. Muhammad Tauseef.

Shoukat Dairy Farm

Shoukat Dairy Farm  is a company of SBS Group. Shoukat Dairy Farm a company duly established in Pakistan serving dairy Milk and Dairy products since 1985.  Shoukat Dairy Farm has established 2 offices in major cities of Pakistan, including head office at Muridke Road Sheikhupura, to cover the whole territory of Pakistan. The Founder of this company was Shoukat Ali (Late) S/o Bashir Ahmed (Late). Now this company is run by Mr. Muhammad Tauseef S/o Shoukat Ali.

Tauseef Stiching Industries

Tauseef Stitching Industries  is a company of SBS Group. Tauseef Stitching Industries a company duly established in Pakistan since 2005.  Tauseef Stitching Industries has established one unit  at Near Stadium Park Sheikhupura, to cover the whole Garments market of Pakistan. The Founder of the company is Mr. Muhammad Tauseef S/o Shoukat Ali.

SBS Group

SBS group of company was established in year 2013 in Pakistan. The company has presence in domestic and international market as a  Import & Export company. The company also provides an innovative solutions driven to help customers increase productivity, quality and profitability. Our main products include rice, cooking oil, garments, etc. We also import and export a quality goods like marbles, mobile, laptops, lcd, scrap, seeds from all over the world.

As our company continues to expand globally, our mission here at belly is to continuously offer world class customer service in the exportation of scrap. We settle for nothing less than the most ideal situations for everyone. We now have the financial strength to compete and be agressive with any exporter. Ability to sell, and an air of diplomacy, the import/export business might be right for you.

All you need is the desire and determination to make it work. Manufacturers would want a worldwide market, it is not easy for a company that is limited in its scope and abilities. That’s where we come in. Manufacturers of domestic goods seek foreign distribution; foreign manufacturers want a united states market. You need to find them, make a solid connection, and establish a business relationship with these companies.